Kryal Castle (Australia)

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The Kryal castle is a replica of a medieval castle located eight kilometers east of Ballarat, Australia, in Leigh Creek, north of Dunnstown, at the foot of Mount Warrenheip. The name of the castle comes from the first initial and last name of its builder, Keith Ryall, who made his armor sales Body luck. Construction began in 1972, and the attraction was opened to the public in 1974.

The castle has a moat and drawbridge, a maze, castle towers, stocks, a medical museum and an arsenal. There were also performances involving rides, public whippings, a clown, juggler and fire eating, as well as a "torture wax" museum. The castle also provided accommodation and hosted weddings.

In 2007 the property was put up for sale with an asking price of $ 10 million, but failed to find a buyer. There was interest from some parties to turn it into a brothel in medieval style. After being on the market for several years, it was sold in January 2011 to Jay Finch and Wendy Alexander, who wished to continue as a hotel and theme park. However, in August 2011, the ownership of the property was returned Keith Ryall after the Finch family was able to complete the payment for it.

In January 2012, the castle was acquired by Tourism Kryal Castle & Entertainment Pty Ltd. closed for a major renovation and upgrading, the reopening in 2013, having been developed into a multi-purpose room, which offers day and night entertainment tourism, and entertainment experiences. There are Suites Castle with four star accommodation, as well as function, wedding and conference facilities. They have been developed medieval adventure, fantasy and theme park concepts. The medieval jousting sport was reintroduced with sound and light attractions.

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