Schallaburg Castle (Austria)

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Schallaburg Castle some 5km from Melk, ranks amongst the most beautiful Renaissance castles North of the Alps.

The castle’s oldest roots date back to the Middle Ages, examples of which are found in the Romanesque living area and the Gothic chapel.

In 1572 Schallaburg Castle got today’s look: The prospering Losensteiner dynasty created a manor in the style of the Italian palazzi, the silhouette of which can still today be seen from far.

The spacious, idyllic courtyard with its wide external staircases tells of the wealth and the love of arts, just like the unique two-storey arcade yard with terracotta sculptures.
The multi-facetted beauty of Schallaburg Castle that is located amidst the picturesque landscape of the Mostviertel district makes it an attractive destination for culture and beauty enthusiasts.

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Latitude: 48.18786
Longitude: 15.3534413
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