Kaprun Castle (Austria)

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The construction of the Kaprun castle is assumed around the 12th century, because the east tower has Romanesque criteria. 1280 the "turning point in Chaprunne" as compensation for the invasions of the Velber is mentioned in a document. The castle may initially have been owned by Count Falkenstein or Peilstein.

XII century The construction of the tower fortress is accepted because the east tower has Romanesque criteria (biforium, grout, angular groves and herringbone motifs). The Romanesque reached our village in 1100. Because of its size, the castle had to face the archbishop's rule.

In order to stop the decadence of the castle, the Kaprun entrepreneurs joined forces in 1984 and founded the castle club with determination. Kaprun Castle bought the castle as a rocky property with share capital, while the area around the castle and the driveway are still owned by the Gildemeister family, whose spokesman is Count Medem. At the beginning was the rapid reconstruction of the castle and the goal of the castle for cultural events as quickly as possible to the public.

In the early years a huge financial effort was needed to rebuild the castle stone by stone and the attempt to make the walls as authentic as possible. For this, the district architect iR Dipl. Ing. Hans Waltl stands out, which gives the castle its current appearance with much love and passion. The inside of the castle is presented, even if still far from being complete today, still the many rooms are still undergoing gradual restoration tirelessly and with great financial commitment.

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Latitude: 47.2744085
Longitude: 12.7709681
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