Mirabell Castle (Austria)

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The Mirabell Palace, part of the urban context of Salzburg, was originally located outside the city walls and had the specific function to accommodate Salome Alt, a lover of the then ruler of Salzburg, Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, and their 15 children .

Forced to abdicate in 1612, the bishop was imprisoned in the same building, and in its place reigned over the city of Salzburg's cousin, Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems. The latter was to give the name of the Mirabell Palace building that, until the death of von Raitenau, was appointed Altenau palace.

The magnification of the city by the Count of Paris Lodron took the palace and its garden within the city walls. Paris loved this building so much to spend much of his time and died in this building in 1653.
In 1727 the building underwent further changes and embellishments, in baroque style by Prince Archbishop Franz Anton Harrach.

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Latitude: 47.8054432
Longitude: 13.0416942
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