Schloss Ort (Austria)

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The picturesque place on a tiny island in the Traunsee lake, the castle place owes much of its fame to a German-Austrian television series: for eight years, from 1996 to 2004, is lived, loved and married in the "Schlosshotel Orth". To this day the series is a strong audience magnet and annually in the Seeschloss place for numerous visitors.

The castle of Seeschloss is not only one of the oldest buildings of the Salzkammergut, but it also has interesting stories to tell, such as the legend of the giant Erla, who is said to have built the castle out of love for the Traunseen Mermaid Blondchen. From the first historically mentioned owner, the knight Hartneid von Ort, to the cruel Count Herbestorff, to the Habsburg Archduke Johann Nepomuk Salvator, has resided here many a dazzling personality.

Since 1995, the Seeschloss Ort has been owned by the municipality of Gmunden and is available to the public both as a museum and as a venue. Go on a unique tour of one of the most fascinating buildings of Salkammerguten!

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Latitude: 47.910581
Longitude: 13.7936745
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