Reinhardstein Castle (Belgium)

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It is in 1354 that Wenceslas of Luxembourg grants to Renaud de Waimes the authorization to build a castle at this place.

Due to the extinction of the Waimes family, the castle passes successively into the hands of Zivelle, Brandscheid and Nassau.

In 1550, following the marriage of Anne de Nassau and Guillaume de Metternich, Reinhardstein became the property of this important Rhineland family until the French Revolution.

In 1812, Count Metternich, father of Chancellor Klement (Congress of Vienna), sells the building. Left abandoned, it deteriorates sharply over time.

In 1965, Jean Overloop, a teacher in Brussels and a history buff, discovered the castle in ruins almost by chance and in his own words it was love at first sight.

It took no less than eighteen months, helped by some enthusiasts and relying on the know-how of local artisans, to meet Reinhardstein.

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Latitude: 50.452632
Longitude: 6.1024576
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