Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria)

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The Castle of Ravadinovo is a spectacular attraction located a couple of kilometers from Sozopol. If you are driving from Burgas down south the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, there is no chance of missing the impressive construction of picturesque steeples and towers with some of the roof trusses still bare- a sight to behold. The best way to describe the Castle of Ravadinovo is probably in a statement made by one of its visitors - 'this is the most unusual building in the most unusual location'. Indeed, the castle bizarrely stands in the middle of a farm field, just a stone-throw from the highway. Its architectural design is unusual, a bit extravagant and exotic for this country. Considering the fact that its construction began about 20 years ago, the Castle of Ravadinovo is definitely one of its kind; and a huge project too.

The entrance fee is very affordable (only about 4 Euro) and we believe it is worth every cent. The castle provides unique memories and revelations, along with being an excellent photo opportunity, especially if you come in the summer. In the summer the walls and towers are covered in lush green ivy mantle and the flowers in the garden are in full bloom. There are no guided tours so visitors are free to wander about on their own. Since the place is huge, you will need at least an hour to walk around and see the best of the incredible garden. Take your time, stroll along the beautifully landscaped alleys. You can listen to the sounds of parrots talking, peacocks screaming and the water splash in ponds and basins. You can stop by the lake and watch the graceful swans float peacefully across the clear water surface. Grab a cup of coffee or a soda, sit back and enjoy the experience. There is so much to see in the garden - there is a chapel, plentiful fancy fountains, garden statues, antiques, tiny bridges and other amazing treasures. Don't be surprised if you meet the "Prince" - you can have your picture taken with him but most probably at some extra cost.

The Castle of Ravadinovo is a bold combination of various building and decorating styles and materials but it is definitely fun to see what some ancient castles must have looked like when they were new. Many visitors perceive The Castle of Ravadinovo as an utterly mystical and romantic place, for others, it is the closest to a Disneyland or fairy tale adventure which they can experience in this part of the Balkans.

The Castle of Ravadinovo does not provide any sleeping and eating arrangements at present but Burgas, Sozopol and the nearby towns and villages along the coast all offer a good choice of hotel accommodation, restaurants and various tourist attractions.

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Latitude: 42.3833314
Longitude: 27.6611762
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