Belogradchik Fortress (Bulgaria)

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Belogradchik fortress (aka Kaleto) is located south-west of town of Belogradchik, near famous Belogradchi rocks. It was built among the stone rocks when the Bulgarian state was founded. It was natural inaccessible because its 2 sides was surrounded by rocks and there were built only two walls.

Later the Ottoman conquerors expanded it. In 1850, the fortress played a negative role in the Belogradchik Revolt. After the rebels were crushed, some of the town’s most prominent men were taken out of the fortress through a tunnel and were beheaded. At same place of the execution was built a monument in memory of those men.

The fortress was used for the last time during the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885.

Nowadays it has been restored and arranged as an open-air museum.

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Latitude: 43.6230924
Longitude: 22.6786656
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