Karlštejn Castle (Czech Republic)

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Castle Karlstejn, founded in 1348, is the best example of Gothic architecture in the Czech Republic.
Be compared only to St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, or the Church of Our Lady of Tyn on Old Town Square in Prague.

The exceptional importance of the Karlstejn Castle also testifies to the fact that the basic construction, have completed it in 1357, that is, within nine years. But even later work did not stop and continued especially with the decoration of the castle.

The Karlstejn castle is born with the aim of preserving the imperial crown jewels and numerous relics. Despite all the beauty of the Karlstejn castle it was mostly a large fortress that at the time, resisted every enemy assault; He has withstood the Hussite and won, as the only one in all of history, the Swedish army at the end of the Thirty Years War ... but already with much more advanced weapons. Today the Karlstejn castle has the eighteenth century appearance, created by Josef Mocker in the years 1887-1899, based on the philosophy of purism. However, a large part of the original fortress remains.

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Latitude: 49.9395043
Longitude: 14.1880461
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