Spøttrup Castle (Denmark)

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Spøttrup Borg from the 16th century is the closest to a real medieval castle in Denmark. Surrounded by vast volde lies it beautifully in the countryside, next to Spøttrup Lake.

The castle has never been taken
The strong defense of the city has kept the enemy out throughout the ages. During the Count's feud, the West Jutland castle stands against Skipper Clement's farm army and the castle has never been taken.

From castle to museum
After the Reformation in 1536, Spøttrup took over the royal power, and in 1579 Frederik gave it to nobleman Henrik Below.

Many owners have since lived on the castle, which for centuries serves as a regular manor house. In 1937, the state took over the castle and made it a museum.

Spøttrup Violence
The beautiful historic gardens feature features inspired by the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the doctor's garden, the marina and the picnic area, based on the Renaissance's principle of division into rectangular garden areas, you can explore ancient medicinal and herbs.

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Latitude: 56.6396345
Longitude: 8.7825313
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