Skipton Castle (England)

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A remarkable tribute to master craftsmen, Skipton Castle still stands today complete and habitable after 900 years at the head of the bustling High Street of Skipton.

A major stronghold of the powerful Clifford Lords saw them participating in all the major battles; from Bannockburn to Crecy; Agincourt to the Wars of the Roses. George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland became Queen's Champion to Elizabeth I distinguishing himself against the Spanish Armada, as well as ransoming Puerto Rico.
The castle was restored after the Civil War by Lady Anne Clifford who planted the Yew tree which still survives in the beautiful Conduit Court 350 years later. Above the imposing Gatehouse with its four strong towers, the motto of the Cliffords is still strong and clear, Desormais, Henceforth.
Visit our website for dates of our re-enactments and come along (in costume if you want) and participate in life in medieval times, see knights and armour and enjoy the mock battles and if you can't wait for your visit, why not have a preview and make your own cut-out model of the Gatehouse or kitchen scene or become Lady Anne Clifford or George, 3rd Earl of Cumberland with your own facemask. Art is made easy with various scenes to colour in and to make the brain work harder, a wordsearch! It's all there for your entertainment.
Bring your picnic and enjoy a great day out! There's loads to do and loads to see, so heck: bring everybody!

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Latitude: 53.963925
Longitude: -2.015283
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