Alnwick Castle (England)

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Alnwick Castle where they filmed many scenes in the Harry Potter saga exists and is located near the capital. This castle is the residence of the Percy family since 1309 and in this locations were filmed the most beautiful scenes of the Harry Potter films.

The castle is still inhabited and is the largest and most beautiful castle after Windsor Castle. The fort opens its gates (it's appropriate to say) six of its countless rooms. On the lawn in front of the castle you can imagine the Quidditch training required by Wizards, including Harry was one of the youngest researchers. But do not be fooled by the film because what you see in the scenes from the long shots, the castle is only a model, in fact there are not some kind of seas or lakes, but the interiors are all real.

Not all the scenes that appear in fiml were actually filmed in the castle, for example, some scenes in the corridors were filmed at the University of Oxford Many groups and tourist agencies have made great fortunes with these films and these enchanted places. I will give you some information if you want aggregarvi, but the costs are not low. The Rail Europe Group organizes for you a day from Harry Potter, starting from London and coming up to the castle.

HP Fan Trips, after making you see the film places will also show you the places in the book, less known but ugulamente suggestive, as the place where Rowling wrote the final chapter of the saga. The interesting thing is that you will come to the castle with the vintage train, really used to shoot scenes of the film. Really interesting to me that they are fond of Harry Pottere and can not wait to come out the last movie.

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Latitude: 55.4155828
Longitude: -1.7059204
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