Hérisson Castle (France)

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Sweetness of life & entertainment await visitors in Hérisson! Situated on the borders of Bourbonnais and Berry, its feudal and ducal castle occupies a strategic position on the access roads inland of the Bourbons, at the intersection of the ancient Roman roads.
   Perched on its rocky peak, it dominates and protects the medieval village of Hérisson and its ford, controlling the passage of troops and merchants progressing along the Aumance from the nearby Berry.

   It would have known a first wooden version built by the inhabitants of Cordes (Châteloy) before the year 1000.
    The first stone castle will be erected in the 11th / 13th centuries, where the small donjon as a whole remains and traces of a large square keep. It was reworked and enlarged by Louis II of Bourbon around 1380. This beautiful fortress still gives to see in our days the striking reflections of its splendor of yesteryear.

  The charm of the place, the medieval village and its natural environment attracts many visitors: tourists or history enthusiasts. Hikers and cyclists meet there. Others tease the stud in the river Aumance, unless they love nature and observe the herds and hordes of the forest of Tronçais.

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Latitude: 46.5089348
Longitude: 2.7118541
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