Josselin Castle (France)

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The vast fortress of Josselin, built in the XIth century, was rebuilt by Olivier de Clisson in the XIVth century. At the end of the XVth century, Alain de Rohan and Jean II work with embellissement of their castle. One owes them the flamboyant style façade, foreshadowing the Breton revival, which contrasts with the turns and defensive walls. The interior, restored at the XIXe century, is home to rare pieces of furniture. The castle belongs from the beginning to the Dukes of Rohan family. To get a good view of the castle, to position itself theSainte-Croix bridge that spans Oust. The walls of the cliff is binding. The building presents below its fortress-like appearance, with high towers, Courtines and gratings.

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Latitude: 47.9522158
Longitude: -2.5473921
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