Château de Hautefort (France)

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Near the Lascaux caves, the castle of Hautefort, a thousand years old, has become over the centuries an architectural jewel and a treasure in the history of Périgord. In the 12th century, it was first the subject of a fierce struggle between the illustrious soldier-troubadour Bertran de Born and his brother Constantin. It has continued since harmoniously to enrich surrounded by lavish gardens worthy of the Sun King. It was under his reign that enjoyed its golden age thanks to the Marquis Jacques-François de Hautefort. Close to Louis XIV, this aristocrat, unusual and endearing, made both the prosperity of the village and the castle. The beautifully furnished rooms, gardens and the surrounding countryside, make this country residence a unique and unforgettable place.

The Tapestry Room in large living room, from the kitchen to the bedroom of Mr. each room, scrupulously maintained, seems still inhabited. The silk, chandeliers, floors, furniture, rustic or refined to turn round to the extreme, you will relive the great century during the visit. A magical moment out of the world, almost mesmerizing.

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Latitude: 45.259693
Longitude: 1.144917
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