Regnière-Écluse Castle (France)

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Regnière-Ecluse is a unique estate, occupied for 10 centuries by the same family. Around 1030, he passed from the Abbey of Saint-Riquier to the family Tyrel de Poix, ancestors of the current descendant occupying the premises.

Count Herman Hinnisdal, owner of the estate from 1831, is the current face of the property. He wanted to make it a family residence on the model of the aristocratic houses of Ancien Régime, with around the house and the park in the English, extensive forest development dedicated to hunting and forestry, and north of the domain a large ultra modern farm for the time: the model farm "Franc Picard", located in the territory of Vron.

From 1842, avenues that wind up to the castle are laid out, while the woods beyond the park's enclosure are crossed by straight paths intersecting in several forest intersections.

By dint of purchases and redevelopments, Herman Hinnisdal managed to create a landscape of about 1100 hectares.

In addition, he transformed the old manor house into a "troubadour gothic" style dwelling, a genre very fashionable in the first half of the 19th century. Finally, preserved archives, now classified as "historical archives", describe the day-to-day life of the property since the 1540s.

During the First World War, the English army occupied the castle and park which were abandoned from 1918 to 1939; in turn, the German army established a hospital there until the last day of the Second World War. Then a summer camp occupied the place until 1962, when the restoration work began which allowed the descendants of Tyrel de Poix, Soyecourt and Hinnisdal to return.

Today, the estate covers 810 hectares, the furniture is restored, the restored castle, and the renovations necessary for its good conservation are still continuing today.

Since 2008, the Domaine de Regnière-Ecluse has joined the sites of the Conservatoire du littoral which, with the Association for the safeguarding and enhancement of the millennial estate of Regnière-Ecluse, ensures the durability of the places for the transmission of this important heritage to future generations.

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