Angers Castle (France)

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Also called the castle of the Dukes of Anjou, the castle is one of the Loire Castles. It is located in the department of Maine-et-Loire, specifically in the city of Angers.

Medieval style, the work of the fortress began in the early thirteenth century and ended in the sixteenth. This monument of the Loire Valley is currently the property of the State. The site of the fortress has been occupied since ancient times. Indeed, this place is a strategic defensive position because it is located on the west side of the hill of the city, the highest point of the city, that is to say, 47 meters high. Moreover, the castle has an altitude that ranges between 35 and 45 meters. The latter dominates the Maine flowing at an altitude of 2 meters.

After antiquity, it was the Counts of Anjou, who settled there until the conquest of the kingdom of France, synonymous with end of the Plantagenet empire.

It was King Louis IX, who later built the castle we know today. This place will become the fifteenth century a stately home, this is also the birthplace of René of Anjou.

The king will order, 200 years later, the destruction of the castle, as a result of religious wars disorders. In the end, only the upper part will experience the destruction, much of the castle will remain the same.

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Latitude: 47.47
Longitude: -0.56
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