Langeais Castle (France)

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The Château de Langeais is one of the Loire Castles of Medieval and Renaissance style, it is located in the department of Indre-et-Loire. This monument was rebuilt in 1465 by Louis XI, it replaced the first castle which was built by Fulk Nerra at the end of the tenth century. The Chateau Loire is listed since 13 March 1922 as historical monuments.

December 6, 1491 is a historic date. It is the day of the marriage of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany, this marriage is the beginning of the attachment of the Duchy of Brittany to the Kingdom of France.

After the fifteenth century, the Château de Langeais had a difficult time. Indeed, he was assigned to various people and was not maintained. And until 1886, when Jacques Siegfried, businessman recognized and very big art lover medieval bought the castle. The next twenty years were devoted to the restoration and redevelopment of the interior. In 1904, he decided to give the castle and all its great collection to the Institut de France. The latter has since kept the property.

Castle Park Langeais

The Château de Langeais has a park with recreational facilities in nature. Indeed, it is possible to see scaffolding and hoists, all faithfully recreated behind the dungeon. There are also playgrounds and a tree house, it is located in a majestic cedar offering incredible views of the area and the remains of the chapel of the eleventh century. Finally, it is possible to make a walk between cedars and redwoods, leading to the gazebo, at this point there is a magnificent view of this cultural landscape just beautiful.

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Latitude: 47.3247194
Longitude: 0.406182
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