Loches Castle (France)

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The Royal City of Loches, in Indre-et-Loire, is composed of several historic monuments. There is the dungeon and the royal residence, but also the church of Saint-Ours and Lansyer Museum, the County Council and the town of Loches play an essential role in the management and maintenance of the Royal city of Loches. This heritage is part of the Chateaux of the Loire.

Flamboyant Gothic and Gothic heritage is a wealth that we offer the Loire Valley.

The dungeon of Loches

Regarding the Loches dungeon, it was built during almost four centuries (from XI to XV century). Initially, the main tower was completed and later many fortifications were held until the fifteenth. At the end of construction, Louis XI decided that the castle became a prison, it was the case until 1926.

The castle is over 150 years on the list of historical monuments.

The Royal house

This landmark in the history of France is a jewel of architecture of the Middle Ages and also the pre-Renaissance. With a front terrace, you get a breathtaking view of the entire city and the Indre valley.

This place is full of history! favorite residence of the Valois dynasty, this is where Joan of Arc met Charles VII before the coronation of the latter.

The medieval garden

With an extensive garden of 700 m², the atmosphere is medieval, as he recalled the three types of the period gardens which are: manorial garden, monastery garden and farmer's garden. In addition, it is possible to discover the secret garden consisting of plants with virtues "special", such as allowing joubarbe away lightning.

The Collegiate Church of Saint-Ours

It is the church of the city of Loches, which has the distinction of being composed of two strange hollow pyramids to eight faces. They are "dubes" XII century.

The collegiate church of Saint-Ours was built between 963 and 985 to serve as a backdrop to the relic of one half of the belt of the Virgin that had been brought from Constantinople. Classified for 175 years in the historic buildings, this church contains the marble tomb of Agnes Sorel.

The Lansyer Museum

Located in the royal city of Loches, the Lansyer Museum is housed in the former mansion of Emmanuel Lansyer. This old painter has sold over 450 paintings throughout the European continent. The artist was regarded during his lifetime as one of the best landscape painters, he has often been rewarded and medalist. During his career, he painted more than 1,500 paintings. In the museum today, you can find a hundred. The museum also has an exceptional collection of Japanese art collected by Lansyer and a set of unusual original etchings by Piranesi, Canaletto and nineteenth artists.

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