Vascoeuil Castle (France)

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The seigniory of Vascœuil, which belongs to the lordship of Saint-Denis-le-Thiboult, belongs in 1080 to Gilbert de Vascœuil. The domain of Vascœuil belonged to the duchy of Longueville until 1694. At that date, the last duke having died without descendants, the king of France appropriated his lands. The stronghold of Vascœuil belonged until 1505 to the powerful family of The Hague, then was sold to the Rouen merchant Guillaume Le Gras.

The tower of the castle welcomed in his time the study of the historian Jules Michelet, who made several stays from 1843 to 1860, his son-in-law Mr. A. Dumesnil then being the owner of the castle.

The castle visible today is an old residence of the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, surmounted by an octagonal tower of the twelfth century. In front is a main courtyard, where is present a dovecote. The set is part of a French park of three hectares.

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Latitude: 49.4472629
Longitude: 1.3765398
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