Heidelberg Castle (Germany)

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The extraordinary union between past and present gives the Heidelberg Castle and the park a timeless appeal. It does not seem to belong to this world and is the essence of German Romanticism. The ivy expanses that form the backdrop to the castle ruins still tell the power and splendor of the Lords of the past, the Wittelsbach. Built around 1300 as a defensive fortress with towers, casemates and moats, in four hundred years the complex that overlooked the city became a feudal sign of the Palatinate Electors of the time. The oldest building, and still recognizable today is the Palace of Ruprecht that it houses a sumptuous Renaissance fireplace. The Palace of Ottheinrich is the first German building boasting a sumptuous facades. The best preserved building is the Palace of Friedrich on whose facade is the gallery of the ancestors of the principles. On the ground floor you can visit the church of the castle, still intact, above which are the rooms. Particularly fascinating is the wonderful garden created under Friedrich V that is the idea of ​​an earthly paradise built by man. Although never completed, the Hortus Palatinus was long considered the eighth wonder of the world. To know more about the lives of the lords of the Heidelberg Castle, every Saturday there is a guided tour "The court life". Fun for the whole family! In the Palace of Ottheinrich is the German Pharmacy Museum, which remained unfinished. Here you will have the opportunity to know the exciting story of the pharmacy. Excursions One of the most popular hiking trails and the most beautiful of Heidelberg is the Philosopher's Path: from here you can also enjoy the wonderful glimpse of the old castle and the city in peace! The German Limes Road is a tourist route on the trail of the ancient Romans along the Limes, a UNESCO heritage.

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Longitude: 8.7153092
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