Hohenschwangau Castle (Germany)

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Hohenschwangau, situated in the south of Bavaria near the border with Austria, it is not exactly one of the "castles of Ludwig" because it was not built by Ludwig II (1845-1886) but morally it has seen the decisive role he played in life the Bavarian king, who spent much of his youth here and always accommodated the friend Richard Wagner. It 's very likely that the romantic atmosphere of Hohenschwangau has influenced in determining way the sensitive character and dreamer of the monarch.

The origin of the castle dates back to the 12th century when it was built by the knights of Schwangau who were at first vassals of Guelph and later the Hohenstaufen, whose last heir, the prince Corradino, died beheaded in Naples in 1268. The knights Schwangau became extinct in the '500 and the castle was abandoned and fell into disrepair. For its magnificent position (remember that is next to Neuschwanstein) Hohenschwangau attracted the attentions of the Wittelsbach who bought it; between 1832 and 1836 it was done completely restored by the then crown prince Massimiliano, the future king Massimiliano II and father of Ludwig.

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Latitude: 47.5556743
Longitude: 10.7363804
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