Mitwitz Castle (Germany)

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The lower castle or the moated castle Mitwitz is one of the most important fossil castles in Franconia and the landmark of Mitwitz. The Renaissance castle is like a dream castle of Sleeping Beauty on the outskirts of the Franconian Forest, not far from Coburg and Kronach.

It was mentioned for the first time in documents in 1266. The basement of the north wing and the northern corner tower already existed at that time. In 1525 the castle was sacked during the German peasants war and partially destroyed. In the following years, the castle was only provisionally repaired.

Only in 1596 was Hans Veit I Würtzburg castle by architect Daniel Engelhardt, who previously had planned to expand the fortress Rosenberg in Kronach, rebuild and expand its present external form.

From 1977 to 1989, the lower castle was extensively renovated by the Kronach district. In return, the district was granted a 99-year right to use the castle.

Today the moated castle can be visited. It is also home to a number of attractions and is home to a variety of cultural events and festivals.

In addition to White Hall, which offers a wonderful setting for civil weddings, the church's wedding can take place in the castle chapel.

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Latitude: 50.2482608
Longitude: 11.2064225
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