Sababurg Castle (Germany)

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The Sababurg Castle often served as the Hessen Fürstenhof next to the hunt as the last station for important state guests before moving to the former Hesse capital and residence, Kassel.

From the end of the 16th century until the end of the 18th century .. it was Sababurg not only as the name of the district consisting of Sababurg Castle, Tiergarten, mill and Ausspannwirtschaft, but also for the Sababurg office that a large part of the Reinhard forest including numerous forest and Weser villages included.

Mid-17th century. The Gothic has helmets of the two round towers were replaced by Welsche hoods swollen in the dominant taste of the Renaissance after lightning.

The last landgrave of Assia-Kassel and to ascend the first elite rank of Hesse was Sababurg at the beginning of the 19th century. As a representation structure. The precious equipment was distributed in other places and gradually broken several wings of the castle.

After the Hesse Electorate was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1866, the decline accelerated and the complex became a ruined castle. The vulgar transfigured the hidden place as "legendary". Since then the legends about the "Three Giant Daughters Saba, Trendela and Brama" as well as the legend of "Count Reinhard and the emergence of the Reinhardswald" are constantly passed down.

In 1957, the ruined castle of Sababurg was kissed by the Koseck family in the »Sleeping Beauty Castle» and transformed into a fairytale castle by the Grimm brothers.

Over 60 years Sababurg has been characterized by a family welcome and princely hospitality in restaurants and hotels, the historical garden culture and the love of the Rose in the pleasure and the Wurz garden and the drama and the music in SabaBurgTheater.

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