Gudenau Castle (Germany)

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In a valley at the foot of Villips, in which Godesberger and Arzdorfer Bach merge, stands the Wasserburg Gudenau. Originated in the early 13th century, the four-winged main castle with a large rear park was expanded around 1560. Here the building received additions, such as bay windows or curly domes. In the 17th century, the remarkable gardens were created under Italian influence. A second bailey with its mighty five-storey gate tower, a hipped roof and an octagonal clock turret determines the viewing side of the castle. The main castle still has a Gothic bay window and a round corner tower with a pointed slate hood, the other three corner towers bear baroque hoods. The elements of the many different stylistic epochs combine to form a picturesque grouping.

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Latitude: 50.6336083
Longitude: 7.0863771
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