Moyland Castle (Germany)

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The history of Moyland castle begins in the early 14th century. Over the following centuries, the castle with medieval moat has been renovated many times. A significant change in the complex took place in the Baroque period. In the 19th century, the Cologne Cathedral master builder Ernst Friedrich Zwirner rebuilt the castle in neo-Gothic style. Until 1945, the von Steengracht family, who had bought the property in 1766, used the castle as their residence. Following severe damage during the Second World War, the building remained a ruin for decades. After the founding of the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation in 1990, the reconstruction of the castle and garden complex restoration began, according to their last been historically documented.

Elements Baroque garden, as the avenues and ditches still dominate the basic structure of the complex of today. It combines elements of a landscaped garden with those of a landscaped garden, a sculpture garden and an herb garden.

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Latitude: 51.755146
Longitude: 6.2369
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