Katz Castle (Germany)

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Count Wilhelm II. of Katzenelnbogen he has built the Katz Castle in the second half of the 14th century. Katz Castle was used as bastion and military base to protect the Rheinfels castle. Together they formed a fortified bulwark with a barrier for levying of the Rhine toll. The extended view up to the curve of the river at the Loreley was also of great importance to secure salmon fishing. Because of the intentionally chosen location on the mountain ridge Katz Castle it could not be conquered from the valley.

Only after the invention of firearms, Katz Castle had to be substantially strengthened. E 'was also upgraded as bastion against Maus Castle in the electorate of Trier. At the same time, the male of the Katz Castle was raised to approx .. 197 feet to ensure eye contact with Castle Reichenstein, which is about 1.9 miles away. In 1479 the family line of Katzenelnbogen died out accounts.

In the succession of long-lasting disputes on heritage, Katz Castle and Rheinfels Castle were besieged, demolished, rebuilt and expanded several times. Even if the repairs had been made in 1800, Napoleon blew up Katz Castle in 1806.

In 1896 District Administrator Berg acquired Katz Castle, to reconstruct as close as possible to the original design. From 1946 until 1951 the Katz Castle served as local High School "Institut Hofmann" including board

Since 1989 Katz Castle is private property of a Japanese and accommodates the hotel Katz Castle.

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