Marksburg Castle (Germany)

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The Marksburg castle perched on a cliff, seemingly impenetrable to enemy forces. And this castle has resisted more than others. It holds the enviable title of 'unique medieval castle in the Middle Rhine that was never destroyed.

The Eppstein family is that we have to thank for this wonderful example of medieval architecture. The Marksburg Castle is a miracle in itself. For over 700 years, it has been untouched by the ravages of time and the destruction of the war. Even with two world wars, the Marksburg was happily spared so that present and future generations to appreciate its splendor.

The steep, almost inaccessible cliff where the castle is located has certainly helped to survive these centuries of blood. The original purpose of Marksburg was to protect the citizens and the city of Braubach.

By 1283, the castle was passed from the hands Epsteins the Katzenelnbogen family. The counts Katzenelnbogen tinkered with the design of the castle endlessly through the ages 14 and 15. They are primarily responsible for its Gothic appearance. By 1479, the line was finished and Marksburg Katzenelnbogen was once again in the hands of new owners. This time, it was the Count of Hesse.

The 19th century was one of the most tumultuous, when the palace was used as a state prison at the time of Napoleon. Ultimately, it was sold to the German Castle Association for 1,000 marks, and this group has worked to preserve the castle.

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Latitude: 50.271987
Longitude: 7.6493885
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