Thurant Castle (Germany)

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Defiantly to Thurant Castle rises above the Moselle Valley in Alken. The medieval castle stands on a spur of shale above the village of Alken on the Mosel and thus belongs to the type of spur castles.

Pfalzgraf Heinrich put around 800 years ago laid the foundation for the twin castle to secure its interests in the Mosel. During the 13th century here the German imperial crown was kept. Since 1248 the castle was divided into "Cologne" in and the "Trier" part - a consequence of the disputes between the two Archbishops after the joint income of the plant, which had hitherto been owned by the viscount Zurn.
The archdioceses of Cologne and Trier were joint owners of the plant, leaving their respective share of Burggrafen manage. therefore each half had its own keep, own houses and farm buildings and a separate entrance.

Since the early 16th century, the twin castle fell gradually and was entirely due to destruction during the Nine Years' War to the ruins. Already in the 18th century the castle came into private hands and was finally restored 1911th The castle is still privately owned but can be visited all year paid
Interesting: chapel, wine cellar and dungeon with a torture chamber.

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Latitude: 50.2483852
Longitude: 7.4528493
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