Boldogkő Castle (Hungary)

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Boldogkő Castle towers above the village atop a north-south elongated and irregularly oval-shaped andesite mountain top. The history of the castle is quite complex and, even according to the surviving charters, difficult to follow. The exact time of its construction is unknown, but it is certain that it was built after the Mongol invasion. The stronghold, designed with an interior turret, defended the road to Košice (Kassa) and the Hernad Valley. Presently, the castle is in the hands of the local municipality.

A new major renovation and excavation effort began in 2002. The castle’s profile changed dramatically with the reconstruction of two towers (a gate tower and a southern tower). Moreover, a 100 m walkway was constructed running along the internal courtyard, offering splendid views through the arrow slits to the north and west, and over the ramparts. Another walkway was built along the knife-edge ridge of the so-called “Lion’s Rock,” leading to a magnificent lookout platform. No less significant are the interior modifications. The castle cellar and wine cellar have been linked (20 m difference in elevation). This makes it possible to go straight to the cool wine cellar and bar after viewing the attractions. The completely renovated castle eagerly awaits your visit.

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Latitude: 48.3449886
Longitude: 21.2304563
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