Castle of Füzér (Hungary)

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Füzér Castle, the Hungarian Füzér Var, is very well preserved ruins in Hungary Zemplín. It located in the northern part of eastern Hungary. It is often considered one of the most beautiful ruins in Hungary. The castle stands on a high rock above the village Füzér the lone volcanic cone, with magnificent panoramas of the surrounding hills and mountains afar Zemplínske picturesque village. Situated at a height is 552 m above sea level.

One of the oldest fortress in Hungary. Its history dates back to the 13th century, the reign of Stephen V, when it was built to defend against the Turks. In the period after the lost battle of Mohacs in 1526 for one year guard coronation Uhorsko holy crown. After escaping from prison in Cachtice Castle is here concealed countess Elizabeth Bátoryová, one of the greatest murderess in history, which are allegedly tortured to death by some local girls in the mid-17 th century. During the Rákóczi uprising, one of the six anti-Habsburg uprisings, imperial troops destroyed the castle that the insurgents could settle it. The castle has therefore preserved only ruins now belong among the oldest in Hungary.

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Latitude: 48.5419566
Longitude: 21.45732
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