Blarney Castle (Ireland)

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Blarney Castle is a medieval fortress located near Cork, more precisely in the city of Blarney. Built in 1210, destroyed in 1446, but fortunately rebuilt later. Today the castle is partially ruined by time, and only some rooms are accessible. On top of the castle is the Blarney Stone, best known as "The stone of eloquence".

The most kissed stone to the world
According to legend, kissing the Blarney Stone, you receive the "gift of eloquence", that means the ability to convince anyone to do anything you want. How to kiss the stone? This is definitely even more curious! It climbs up on top of the castle, through narrow winding staircases. From up there you can admire the beautiful park surrounding the castle and its gardens, but also the town of Blarney and the majestic Blarney House. To kiss the stone, according to tradition, it should lie down on your back, and tilt your head back up to kiss the wall. While you kiss the stone will stand with most of the body suspended in space (25 meters high!) Do not worry, there are iron railings and a man who supports you and helps you. No danger!

Where does the legend? The legend, like all legends, comes from antiquity. This originates thanks to Cormac MacCarthy, (King of Munster who was the master of Bantry fortress) asked for help from Cliodhna goddess, to help him fix his situation with Queen Elizabeth I, who wanted all Irish leaders declare to be under its power. The goddess accepted his prayers and told MacCarthy to kiss the first stone he would meet the next morning in his way to the court. The poor man carried out the orders of the goddess, and later at the palace answers to all questions with extraordinary diplomacy, also promising full fidelity to the Queen but did concede the territories.

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