Rocca Calascio (Italy)

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A short distance from one of the most beautiful places, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, is one of the oldest fortresses standing in Italy, the spectacular Rocca Calascio. This is the highest sharp peak in Italy (1460m above sea level).

Rocca Calascio was initially built as a watchtower in the 10th century or even earlier, the fort developed in size and complexity for a period of time, especially in the 14th century under Leonello de Acclozemora, and, later, the Medici family in late 16th century. Studies have shown that it would only ever have been designed, unusually, to accommodate a military garrison, rather than handing shelter and protection to the local civilian population (perhaps partially explain why it was one of the first sites of peasant revolt in 784! ). An earthquake severely damaged the fortress in 1703, after which it was left in its ruined state as no longer needed strategic objective.

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Latitude: 42.3289258
Longitude: 13.6887941
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