Roccascalegna Castle (Italy)

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Roccascalegna is a small town of 1,400 souls, located in the hills surrounding the River Sangro. In all probability, the Roccascalegna founders were the Lombards, from 600 A.D., firmly occupied the current Molise and southern Abruzzo, having descended from northern Italy. Consequence of this was the alignment of the Byzantine garrisons on the shores of the Adriatic. In the logic of this conflict explains the construction of the watch tower, first, and of the castle, later, the impressive rock mass that dominates the valley of the Rio Secco (tributary of the Aventino) just by the Lombards.
When you finish the hostility between the two peoples, excluding a note of accounting character of 1320, we find no historiographical source that speaks of Roccascalegna Castle until 1525. In that year we can see a description of the Castle restored structure, in compliance with new requirements necessary with the advent of firearms.
Another deed describes the restoration of the terrace Access of Roccascalegna Castle, but now we are already in 1705.
Since 1700 the Roccascalegna Castle has known three centuries of neglect, in which the same has been prey to the bad weather and the looting of the local population, until the donation to the City of Roccascalegna, in 1985, by the last feudal family, ie that of Nanni Cross.
Immediately began the restoration work which brought the Roccascalegna Castle to its former glory in 1996.

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