Fenis Castle (Italy)

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The Fénis castle situated on a portion of land devoid of natural defenses, joins the fortification of those characters mansion.
Known for its unique architecture, with towers and crenellated walls it strikes the observer and immediately recalls the history, life and art of the Middle Ages. The manor is the synthesis of several successive building campaigns over the years, due to major members of the Challant: they enriched it with elegant pictorial decorations to be suitable for representative office and endowed the imposing defense system, with power and prestige testimony. The events that marked the history of the noble family, after the second half of '400, led the manor to a slow degradation.
The recovery of the monument is due to Alfredo d'Andrade, who bought the castle in 1895 and, after having restored the most damaged parts, donated it to the state. Today the castle, the Regional Administration property, presents a new look by the recent critical rearrangement.

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Latitude: 45.736871
Longitude: 7.489057
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