Malconsiglio Castle (Italy)

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The castle, belonging to the Sanseverino family, takes its name from the conspiracy organized inside by the barons of the kingdom, against Ferdinando I of Aragon, king of Naples. The conspiracy took place on October 1, 1481 and ended with the bloody slaughter of the barons in the great hall on the first floor; from that moment the castle was called of the "Malconsiglio".

The castle has the shape of a parallelogram, flanked by seven towers, the oldest of which square, two bitorri and some circular towers, placed at the top of the building. It is built on two levels, with a gallery that dates back to a restructuring commissioned by the Revertera in 1600. The most beautiful part of the castle is the Sala della Stella or Spiriti, in whose small niches carved into the walls were kept the treasures of its inhabitants.

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Latitude: 40.5677064
Longitude: 16.4997491
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