Aragonese Castle of Reggio Calabria (Italy)

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The Aragonese Castle is an ancient fortification of Reggio Calabria and one of the most important symbols of the city. You will be immediately struck by the two imposing cylindrical towers, which make up much of what remains of the ancient structure

Although it is called Aragonese, in reality its roots are much deeper and more ancient. Its original structure has been repeatedly the object of extensions and restorations by the Normans, who had set up their own court in the Castello Aragonese, and later also by the Angioinis and the Aragonese.

Its current name is probably linked to the most important changes made to the Aragonese Castle, which were those desired by Ferdinando I of Aragon in 1458, thanks to which the Castle reached its maximum extension. The period of splendor of the Aragonese Castle was interrupted by the decadence of the nineteenth century, with several collapses and demolitions that have compromised its original beauty.

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Latitude: 38.1059906
Longitude: 15.6443167
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