Ischia Castle (Italy)

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This huge cliff, celebrated by Ludovico Ariosto and inhabited by Vittoria Colonna, is the emblem of the island of Ischia, due to its extraordinary beauty.

If castles are fascinating, the Aragonese Castle of Ischia is even more mysterious, as it is out of the sea, separated from the rest of the island. But it maintains strong ties with the island, which goes beyond the bridge - the umbilical cord that connects physically to Ischia Ponte. Its ancient name was "little island", combined with important Insula, which clearly indicates that it is a different place, a small island near the main island. But it was precisely its further insularity that allowed the castle to keep the genius loci, the historical identity of a wider territory. Most of the events, the battles and of Ischia court life took place here, at the top of this rock in the sea, and this can also be perceived by those unfamiliar with its history. Just take a look at the Aragonese Castle to feel like being back in time, in the dream or in a Ages Renaissance coterie, periods that have left more than one track here.

The ancient walls, the churches, the ramparts of the Castle of Ischia were mainly built between the 14th and 17th. They blend perfectly with the rock-face dark and indented the island, which is also an extraordinary tower garden. During the climb up to the castle, in fact, you discover a different world. The austere and closed aspect one beholds from the ground gives way to a citadel made of sunny gardens and small tracks that always lead to incredible views. The upper Castle smiles, animated by sea birds and big cats, olive groves and vineyards. Despite its reputation, the castle is now a heart that can be conquered by anyone who climbs its 113 meters on foot or by lift.

But only when you are on top you can enter the history of Ischia.
Cocooned in the mystery of time, you will find the 16th century cathedrals and churches, frescoed catacombs, arches and vaults, walls of many centuries, Bourbon prisons. The silence of the castle talk to the words in the form of architecture, like a giant stone book to leaf through unhurried.

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Latitude: 40.7315049
Longitude: 13.9640442
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