Gropparello Castle (Italy)

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Immersed in the green woods of Val Vezzeno, Castello di Gropparello is a fortified fortress in the province of Piacenza and hosts the Parco delle Fiabe, the first emotional park in Italy. Here, young and old can take a journey through time, between history, fantasy and ancient traditions.

The children, armed with cape and sword, become protagonists of the traveling show that will guide them in the woods, in a natural setting of ancient rocks and ancient trees, where they will meet elves, fairies, magicians, witches, ogres and knights to experience a great medieval adventure .

Also interesting is the visit to the Castle, formerly known as Rocca di Cagnano, an extraordinary example of Guelph castle, built between the eighth and the fourteenth century on a pre-existing Roman construction, above a rocky spur of volcanic origin at the peak of a ravine of great interest landscape and geological.

Belonging to different owners, from the Fulgosio before, to the Anguissola and the Marazzani Visconti Terzi, the Castle was restored in 1869 by the architect Camillo Guidotti.

Today owned by the Gibelli family, who bought it after a period of neglect, the monumental complex turrito is accessible by two drawbridges, a driveway and a pedestrian one and, with its elegant rooms, such as the Sala della Musica and the Sala delle Weapons, large windows, large fireplaces and the mysterious presence of the ghost of Rosania Fulgosio (young castellana walled alive in the dungeons by her husband Pietrone da Cagnano for punishment of his betrayal with Lancillotto Bracciforte, captain of the Marquis Pallavicino, sent to besiege the castle but in love with the young), it is a magical place between history and legend.

The manor is surrounded by a garden with 1200 rose plants with over 125 varieties, the Museum of the Rising Rose, which unfolds in a magical labyrinth, an alchemical path between colors, perfumes, lights and symbols. Among the experiences that can be experienced here is also that of sleeping in the Torre del Barbagianni, suspended between the drawbridge and the central courtyard.

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Longitude: 9.735791
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