Abbadia Castle (Italy)

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The Castle of Vulci was built near the bold Devil's bridge built by the Romans on a similar structure dating back to the Etruscan era.

Originally this bridge remained in use until the early 1960s of the last century, as well as allowing it to overcome the Fiora river, it supported an aqueduct with which water was conducted to the city of Vulci. The castle built during the twelfth century by the Cistercian monks to defend the bridge, was set on the remains of an ancient abbey built in the IX century. and dedicated to Saint Mamiliano who had been heavily damaged by the incursions of the Saracens. The manor became from the XIII century. an important assistance and reception center for pilgrims and also hosted the Templars.

In the XVI century it passed into the ownership of Alessandro Farnese, the future Pope Paul III, who made some interventions there. Subsequently it became a customs office of the Papal State, as it was located on the border with the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It then passed to the Bonaparte family, in 1859 to the Torlonia family and was finally purchased by the Italian State.

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Latitude: 42.4297695
Longitude: 11.6322232
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