Caccamo Castle (Italy)

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Built in the Norman period, on a steep rocky spur, this work by the Chiaramonte family is undoubtedly one of the most important, fascinating and best preserved feudal fiefs of the island, as well as being the largest. The events that involve it since 1094 are an intense page of Sicilian history. In fact, it was the withdrawal of Matteo Bonello and the conspirators of the revolt of the barons of 1160-61, confiscated by the Crown, enlarged in 1300 by Manfredi I Chiaramonte, further fortified at the end of the century by Giaimo de Prades who had the Torre del Dammuso built in half of the south facade and, finally, it was transformed into a palace by Amato in the 18th century. Among other things, inside you can admire the stables, the theater hall, the guards, the chapel, the main tower, the servants' rooms, the prisons with their walls full of graffiti, the Hall of Conspiracy and the remarkable Hall of Armory with its huge armor. You have a wonderful view from the western terrace, overlooking the valley. It includes the Rosamarina dam and extends to the Rocca Basumbra.

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Latitude: 37.9319764
Longitude: 13.6601151
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