Mussomeli Castle (Italy)

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The Mussomeli Castle is a magical and suggestive palace where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast.
Just an hour's drive from the city of Caltanissetta - between Palermo and Agrigento - you will find the small town of Mussomeli with its fantastic Mussomeli Castle. This castle is definitely an architectural wonder to see!

Built in 1370 by Manfredi Chiaramonte III, this castle in Gothic-Norman style is located in a strategic position that dominates the entire valley as it is located on top of a limestone cliff almost 800 meters above sea level. Therefore, you can expect the views from here on top to be exceptional!

The Castle of Mussomeli has not undergone radical changes in the course of its history, so it is possible to have a clear idea of ​​the Sicilian gothic style. The ruins of a great past have been well preserved. The castle was built on 3 levels: the chapel (with the precious alabaster depicting the Madonna della Catena of 1516), the aristocratic apartments and an underground. with large rooms, underground cells and torture cells. Here you will find the "death prison" where the condemned were held until they were lowered through a passing door and drowned!

To reach the top of the castle there are many steps, often without being ready to walk. Give yourself at least an hour to cross the whole castle. You can choose to get a private guide through the castle, but book it in advance to make sure you find one!

... Particularly interesting here is also the intelligent water system and the technique to cool the rooms they had used

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Latitude: 37.5775674
Longitude: 13.7717744
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