Beseno Castle (Italy)

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The great bastions that characterize Castel Beseno date back to the sixteenth century, when the castle was adapted to the battles with the use of firearms. In addition to the courtyards and the fortress buildings, once used as kitchens, bread ovens, wine cellars and warehouses, you can walk the walkway, with panoramic views across the valley and the valley that leads to Folgaria Plateau .

In fourteenth-century Palace of Marcabruno you can visit a permanent exhibition that explains the battle of Calliano, of 10 August 1487, when the plain below the castle was the scene of an epic battle: the Tyrolean troops on that occasion repelled the attack of the armed Republic of Venice who wanted to expand towards Trento. Also on display is a collection of original weapons and faithful copies, and ... Please touch: everyone is encouraged to wear and handle helmets and vests, with great joy of children (and their dads)!

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Latitude: 45.9309151
Longitude: 11.1098379
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