Tenno Castle (Italy)

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Tenno Castle stands on a rocky spur that spans the alpine routes for the Giudicarie Valleys, a couple of kilometers from the homonymous Lake Tenno.

At one time the castle belonged to the community, then went to the hands of the Counts of Appiano and other families, but above all it was the property of the Bishop's Principality of Trento until the Napoleonic Age. In the early 1800s, the castle, which now has no military and decayed importance, was bought by private individuals, although some restoration works could not keep its medieval features. The fortress was then transformed into a residence. The central tower, the only remaining medieval element, collapsed in 1920.

Today the castle is a private residence and the new owners have begun restoring it.

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Latitude: 45.916763
Longitude: 10.833035
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