Toblino Castle (Italy)

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It is one of the most photographed castles of Trentino. It has its reputation for its unique location and the beautiful surroundings surrounding it. But also to so many and full legends that in that park and between those walls have found fertile ground to be born and develop

On that rocky spur that until a few hundred years ago was an islet - the lake level was two meters high - 2000 years ago "lived" the fairies in which a temple was dedicated in the 3rd century. It "certifies" a walled stone wall in the portico of the castle that archeologist Paolo Orsi defines as "unique in its kind in Roman epigraphic reality".

Soon, however, the magical-religious function was supplanted by the military-strategic one, and in the place of the temple a fortified archbishop emerged, for whom the locals had long encountered. The castle, which today houses an elegant restaurant, is the result of the restoration that Bernardo Clesio wanted in the 16th century.

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Latitude: 46.0547792
Longitude: 10.9673756
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