Himeji Castle (Japan)

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Built for the first time in the fourteenth century and then rebuilt in the seventeenth century, the Himeji Castle is not only beautiful, but also a rare example of the original castle in Japan. For this reason it has been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The complex consists of a main male to five floors and three smaller towers, it looks great, and is appreciated by both the aesthetic point of view and from that architecture. The castle is nicknamed Hakujoro or White Heron Castle, by the way of resemblance from afar, so gracefully perched on the plain, it seems to have with this bird. In this beautiful setting we were filmed several movies, including "Shogun" and "Kagemusha", which is why the Himeji Castle might have looked familiar.

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Latitude: 34.839449
Longitude: 134.6939047
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