Fort St. Angelo (Malta)

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Fort St. Angelo is the tip of military-historical diamond heritage of the Maltese islands. According to legend, the fort stands on the same site of a fortified settlement from the Roman period.

When the Knights arrived on the island in 1530, the fort became the seat of the Grand Master of the Order. The fort played a major role in the Great Siege of 1565, when, against all previsoni, a formidable army of Saracens was defeated and rejected. The epic resistance of the Knights during the three months of the siege gave the strongest its been legendary.

In the nineteenth century, the English conquered the fort and in 1912 it was officially added to the list of ships, first as HMS Egmont and then, in 1933, as HMS Sant'Angelo. More recently, the government has granted the Order of the Knights of St. John the upper part of the fort which includes the magisterial palace and St. Anne's Chapel.

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Latitude: 35.8924685
Longitude: 14.517839
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