Moszna Castle (Poland)

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100 years of the palace and park complex in Moszna 200 hectares is on the list of monuments. An object of historical and artistic importance. In the years 1866-1945 the owner was Mosznej von Tiele Winckler family. It can be assumed that at the origin of the construction of the castle in its present form was the same Franz Hubert.

On the night of 2/3 June 1896 for unknown reasons erupted in Moszna fire, which destroyed the interior, roof, part of the walls of the baroque palace. Later that same year, Franz Hubert began to rebuild, and at the same time, the expansion of the building. Until 1900 founded wing side (east), in neo-Gothic style with conservatory. In the years 1912-1914 was built and the western wing, neo-Renaissance style. Among the architectural details of the castle there is a great stylistic diversity.

The height of the object, its numerous towers, peaks, spiers give a clear sense of verticality. buildings in eclectic style can be considered. The castle has a total of 8000. m2, 365 rooms, and its capacity is 65,000. m3. Twice in 1911 and 1912 years the guest of Count Franz Thiele Winckler was Kaiser Wilhelm II, and to inform the chase chronicle preserved manuscript. In the spring of 1945, the family left the castle Thiele Winckler fleeing to Germany.

In 1945, he stationed in the Red Castle. During this period of devastation and equipment destroyed the castle. After the war the castle was the seat of several institutions, he has not had a permanent member; in 1972 became the seat of then Sanatorium, then the Regional Center for Prevention and nursing home; since 1996, the Independent Public Health Care: Neurosis Treatment Centre, to the present. With moszneńskiego part of an estate in 1948. He created the National Stud Farm. Currently it is privately owned.

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Latitude: 50.4407663
Longitude: 17.7678325
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