São Jorge Castle (Portugal)

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The São Jorge Castle is located in the characteristic Alfama district. It is probably thanks to the protection of the medieval castle that this area of ​​Lisbon survived entirely the terrible earthquake of 1755.

It dominates the highest of the seven hills of the capital and reach it along the ancient stone walls from which emerge the bougainvilleas, cross the small cafes and bars, decorated with patterned tiles, you can admire the entire valley, the river Tagus and cross the famous Bairro Alto. Reached the castle the view is breathtaking.

Built by the Visigoths in the fifth century, during the ninth century St. George's Castle was fortified by the Moors with a wall of about 2 km and 10 towers. The Crusaders conquered it in 1147 and remained a royal residence until the late fifteenth century.

The Castle of São Jorge is mostly in ruins, but it is still possible to walk along some walls, see the remains of part of the courtyard and gardens. Moorish and Christian influences in the architecture of the monument are visible.

Nearby is the Lisbon Cathedral, or Sé de Lisboa.

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Latitude: 38.7139092
Longitude: -9.1334762
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