Glamis Castle (Scotland)

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Glamis Castle is universally recognized as one of the most haunted locations across the British Isles. The number of reports that have occurred there, as well as the folklore that surrounds it, certainly lend themselves to this statement.

A Brief History of the castle

The current and only the owners, the Bowes-Lyon family, were originally assigned by Robert the Bruce mainland in 1372, for services to his thrown. The Bowes-Lyon family, now the Strathmore accounts, including the Queen Mother, born in the castle, and even gave birth to Princess Margaret there in 1930.

The castle, like many others, has undertaken numerous renovations and additions over the centuries. When Mary Queen of Scots visited the castle in 1562, the east wing was dominated by the main tower, which was erected in 1435. In this period the castle was closed with a fortified courtyard.

During the 17th century, several additions were made to the castle. The West Wing was erected, and a small north-east wing was added, which would house the chapel. The walls surrounding the castle, as well as the surrounding buildings have all been removed during this period, and were replaced by Baroque sculptures and yard.

In the mid-1700s on the grounds that they were in front of the Castle they were landscaped and the line of trees you see today leading up to the castle were planted. Renovations and additions continued through 1700, the average of the latter. In 1775, the castle grounds have been converted into parks open since then famous architect of the British landscape, Capability Brown.

Do not work on the castle restructuring occurred since the sloping roof of the East Wing was replaced with castellations in late 1700, and the reconstruction of the West Wing in a similar style in 1800.

Changes to the gardens, the addition of the Dutch Garden in front of the castle in 1893, and the parents added the Queen Mother of the Italian garden in 1910 are the last major changes to the castle.

Ghosts of Glamis Castle
There are many ghosts that haunt reported Glamis Castle, but to write about them all here would be a book in itself. So, I'm just going to mention those who were most frequently reported.

The woman without a tongue
Perhaps the most reported, definitely the most chilling, is the ghost of the woman without a tongue. She was spotted roaming the grounds that link to here face seriously injured. He has also been seen looking out of a barred window in the castle. It is not clear that this spirit can be, or what may have happened to her.

The Grey Lady
Believed to be the ghost of Lady Glamis (Janet Douglas), who was burned at the stake for being an alleged witch in 1537. Her first husband was John Lyon (Lord Glamis), with whom he had a son, also named John. He 'has been accused of poisoning him after his death in 1528, but she was cleared of the crime and was free to marry her second husband Archibald Campbell Skipness. However, in July 1537 he has been accused of planning to poison the King James V of Scotland, and communicate with his brothers, who were part of several conspiracies against the king.

Even if the charges were clearly false, she was sent to prison in Edinburgh Castle with her husband (who did escape but was later killed). James could not find any evidence to convict her, so he tortured his family and servants in an attempt to "find the truth". Janet was later convicted and burned at the stake 17 July 1537 in Castle Hill, Edinburgh.

The young servant boy
The ghost of a young servant boy was seen sitting on the stone bench next to the Queen's room door on several occasions. He saw how full-bodied apparition, but was never heard or seen anywhere else in the castle.

Ghost of Earl Beardie
One of the most infamous ghosts of Glamis Castle is that of Alexander Lindsay, fourth Earl of Crawford, also known as Earl Beardie.

Apparently he was a cruel and twisted man who drank heavily. Its presence has been seen, heard, and felt all around the castle. Reports of children waking in the middle of the night just to see a dark figure standing over their beds have been noted.

Many believe that it is in a secret room in gambling castle with the devil for all eternity. Legend, he was visiting the castle a Sunday evening and on returning to his room, shouting with drunken rage for someone to come and play cards with him. No one wanted to take him up to his Saturday offered, so finally enraged that he would play the Devil himself. Shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door, he was a tall man in a long black coat, and asked if Earl Beardie still need someone to play cards with him. The Earl has agreed to play the man, and retired to a castle room, slamming the door, and began to play cards late into the night.

There was a lot of swearing and shouting coming from the room which could be heard throughout the castle. One of the servants appeared seemingly out of the keyhole out of curiosity to see what all the fuss was about, only to be blinded in one eye by a bright beam of light shining through. Count heard the servant out of the door and turned to him for espionage. When she came back into the room, the man who was believed to be the devil was gone, together with the soul of the count. He said he was still playing cards, apparently in a secret room of the castle. Her screams were reported throughout the castle to this day.

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